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Lennon is no better than Gaddafi

The Sun says…

The streets of a city are seething with rage because of the horrific actions of one man.  No, not Tripoli. But Glasgow.

Neil Lennon has over-stepped the mark this time, and the consequences could be catastrophic.

The Northern Irishman’s oppression of half of Glasgow’s population is threatening to destroy this once proud city.

His shameful attempts at winning football matches are provoking anger in Glasgow and indeed throughout the rest of Scotland, yet he continues to do so despite being fully aware of the trouble such actions will inevitably cause.

Lennon’s vitriolic rants have been compared to those of Col. Gaddafi, with his sickening abuse of UN peace-keeper El Hadji Diouf very nearly igniting a war.  Only the dignified intervention of Alistair McCoist prevented Lennon from coming to blows with the innocent Diouf.

Lennon’s provocative behaviour, including inflammatory actions such as challenging authority, wearing a tracksuit, abusing innocent footballers, being ginger, being Catholic and beating Rangers in football matches, will cause carnage in Glasgow if it continues.

As with Gaddafi’s paranoid ramblings in Libya, the more Lennon opens his mouth the more trouble he causes in Glasgow.  There is violence in the streets and inside the housing schemes of Glasgow, and it’s always because of something the fiery Lennon has said.

He is no better than Gaddafi in that regard.  And like the Libyan, it is time Lennon is removed from power, before his single-minded desire to win football matches costs lives.


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If Vince Cable wants to go to war, send him to Iraq

The Sun says

So Vince Cable has “declared war” on Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, which is the parent company of The Sun?  If the Business Secretary really wants to go to war then David Cameron should send him to Iraq!

Iraq is a country where one tyrannical man wielded immense power, dictating the thoughts and actions of an entire population to suit his own needs, unlike Britain where everyone is free to think whatever The Sun believes is right for them!

Vince Cable is clearly guilty of attempting to use his cabinet position to obstruct that very freedom, but he would do well to remember how fortunate he and his Liberal Democrat friends were to be invited into the government.  David Cameron didn’t have to extend that invitation to the Lib Dem’s, but he did because that’s the kind of partnership government he wanted.

However, Vince Cable’s bitter actions in trying to prevent a business deal which would have greatly benefited Rupert Murdoch and led to an environment where The Sun and Sky News could print and report anything they like (surely “would have greatly benefited Britain and led to a stronger media presence on the world stage?  ED.) are not the actions of  a man who is fit to hold such an influential position on the government.

The Prime Minister must show strong leadership in this situation and do as Rupert Murdoch wishes by sacking Vince Cable.

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Poppy yobs should be hung

The Sun says

The Muslim fanatics who dis-respected the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for their country in conflicts across the globe, and who brought shame to Britain when they burned a poppy on Armistice Day should be hung.  Or sent back home, whichever causes them greatest suffering!

The vile actions of these religious yobs spat in the face of those who fought for our freedom.  It is down to those brave men and women that the louts who shamelessly set fire to the poppy – our symbol of remembrance – have the right to live in a free society, in a Britain which is open to all and a nation in which its citizens are free to express themselves without fear of reprisal from an oppressive dictator.

While the Muslim scum will no doubt argue that their disgusting protest wasn’t violent and was within the laws of the country, it was offensive to the ordinary British public who cherish and hold dear the rights which we enjoy thanks to the brave sacrifices made by our heroes.

Freedom of expression does not give terrorist sympathisers the right to do things which we don’t like!!!

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The Sun says…

The treatment of William Hague in the wake of the vicious internet smear campaign has been nothing short of a disgrace and an embarrassment to the values which once made Britain great.  The Foreign Secretary is a man who prides himself on his dignity and his loyalty.  These disgusting internet rumours not only put undue pressure on the man in both his professional and his personal life, but they also effect our nation as a whole.

It reflects badly on our country when an honest and hard-working man like Hague cannot share a hotel room with his young driver without becoming subject to vile gossip.  What does it say about us when a Cabinet minister cannot appoint a special advisor without having his entire life put under a sleazy microscope?

To sit anonymouslybehind a computer screen  in some office somewhere publishing sickening rumours about the private life of a deeply honourable family man like William Hague is a horrible and malicious act.  And it is wrong.

Because that’s what The Sun is supposed to do.

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