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Liberal Democrats to be a third less liberal

Yesterday’s historic Spending Review by Chancellor George Osborne will require that the Liberal Democrats become a third less liberal in what commentators described as a bold political move by the government.

Mr Osbourne argued for the change in his statement to the House of Commons, telling MP’s that the success of the coalition government and Britain’s survival through a series of devastating cuts depended on the Liberal Democrats ignoring their core values and becoming less liberal.

The reduction will be back-dated to June.

More Spending Review news:

  • UK rain to be made carbon efficient
  • Milton Keynes to be abolished
  • Winter fuel allowance to be replaced by new provision of six copies per household of John Keynes’s The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money for burning

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Tweets to be reduced under Spending Review

George Osborne’s words that “we are all in this together” will extend into the social networking sphere with his announcement that Tweets will be 10% shorter as a result of measures to be implemented in the government’s Spending Review.  As of January 2011, all Tweets posted on the social networking site Twitter will be limited to 126 characters.

Critics are already lamenting the move as another attack on the unemployed and those in low-paid jobs.

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Spending Review cuts humour in Michael McIntyre’s jokes

The BBC comedian will be one of many to suffer as a result of the government cuts

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that popular comedian Michael McIntyre’s jokes will now be 15% less funny as a result of the government Spending Review.  The sharper than expected cut will mean that the Comedy Roadshow star will no longer be funny at all.

More to follow.

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