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Sky’s RainHD channel proves to be viewer turn-off

Television correspondant Pad Dyle reports

The launch of Sky’s much-anticipated RainHD service was met with widespread criticism today as viewers declared the channel to be a “bit of a damp squib”, with some even claiming that they would “rather watch golf”.

The channel, which Sky announced would allow viewers to experience revolutionary coverage of a variety of weather conditions in a specific Welsh setting, was broadcast for the first time today.  Those who tuned in were treated to seven hours worth of windswept views of rain-sodden greenery, rain-spittled camera lenses and expert analysis of the rain, all in High Definition.

However, the consensus amongst viewers seemed to be that RainHD is a waste of time.  One disgruntled viewer commented:  “I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting when I took out a subscription for RainHD, but what I saw was a very disappointing experience.  If I want to watch the rain I can stand at my kitchen window and probably get a clearer picture.  I can’t help but feel that Sky have conned me.”

RainHD is on the air again tomorrow morning and is available for £20 a month.


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Welsh pop star goes to extreme lengths to avoid Tiger Woods

The Welsh diva was wary of the golfer's intentions

The most glamorous stars which Wales has to offer were out in force last night at a special concert at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium to welcome the Ryder Cup to Wales.  Dame Shirley Bassey, Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Jenkins were amongst those who took part in the gala event, though it was the crossover artist Jenkins who stole the show as she appeared to take extreme measures to avoid contact with the sex-crazed golf star Tiger Woods.

Onlookers inside the Millennium Stadium were under the impression that Ms Jenkins was making an extravagant entrance as she was lowered onto the stage from the ceiling on a slender rope.  However, backstage sources have since revealed that the soprano pleaded with bosses to have the rope attached to her at all times in order to allow her to make a quick exit should Tiger Woods, who it was recently revealed has had a string of extra marital affairs, get too close.

“Katherine was really nervous about meeting Tiger Woods,” the anonymous source said.  “She is proud of her good image within British popular culture, particularly in her role as the ‘Forces’ Sweetheart’, and was very worried that Tiger would attempt to seduce her.  After much thinking she asked if anyone had a long rope.  It was then that she came up with the idea of hiding out in the rafters, only descending to the stage when it was time for her to perform.  We kept the rope attached to her in the event that Tiger Woods got too close.”

The Ryder Cup tees off tomorrow.

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