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New phone-hacking shock as Murdoch hacks into own voicemail

The News of the World phone-hacking scandal made a shocking development today when it emerged that the Chairman of the newspaper’s parent company News International, Rupert Murdoch, has previously hacked into his own voicemail.

Just days after the newspaper published a 365-word apology to those celebrities who were victims of phone-hacking at the hands of reporters eager for a story, it has been revealed that in 2009 Mr. Murdoch, 80, ordered newspaper staff to hack into his voicemail account in order for him to remember which programme it was that his wife wanted recorded on their Sky+.

It is unknown whether Mr. Murdoch will seek compensation from himself for this invasion of privacy.


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If Vince Cable wants to go to war, send him to Iraq

The Sun says

So Vince Cable has “declared war” on Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, which is the parent company of The Sun?  If the Business Secretary really wants to go to war then David Cameron should send him to Iraq!

Iraq is a country where one tyrannical man wielded immense power, dictating the thoughts and actions of an entire population to suit his own needs, unlike Britain where everyone is free to think whatever The Sun believes is right for them!

Vince Cable is clearly guilty of attempting to use his cabinet position to obstruct that very freedom, but he would do well to remember how fortunate he and his Liberal Democrat friends were to be invited into the government.  David Cameron didn’t have to extend that invitation to the Lib Dem’s, but he did because that’s the kind of partnership government he wanted.

However, Vince Cable’s bitter actions in trying to prevent a business deal which would have greatly benefited Rupert Murdoch and led to an environment where The Sun and Sky News could print and report anything they like (surely “would have greatly benefited Britain and led to a stronger media presence on the world stage?  ED.) are not the actions of  a man who is fit to hold such an influential position on the government.

The Prime Minister must show strong leadership in this situation and do as Rupert Murdoch wishes by sacking Vince Cable.

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