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Anti-cuts protesters’ fury at cost of London clean-up

The organisers of Saturday’s anti-cuts demonstration at Hyde Park have today expressed their outrage at the millions of pounds pledged by the government to help clean-up the streets of London which were wrecked by violent protests in the city.

Shop windows were smashed, buildings broken into and monuments desecrated as a rally against the drastic cuts in government spending turned violent on Saturday afternoon, resulting in dozens of arrests and the injury of several police officers.

As the clean-up operation begins to restore those areas of the capital city effected, the government has promised to help finance the work, a move which has angered those who have protested against the cuts in government spending.

“This is absolutely outrageous,” wrote one anti-cuts demonstrator on his blog.  “David Cameron has punished the poor by taking away jobs and cutting welfare benefits, and now he’s spending millions of pounds taken from the pockets of the hardest hit to fix a few broken windows in the richest part of the country?!!!!!”

“The only way this government will listen to our concerns is if we descend onto London en masse to protest against these ridiculous spending decisions….”  [cont. page 40]


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Life-sized game of Monopoly turns violent

The largest ever game of Monopoly to take place in Britain – a life-sized version of the game played out in the streets of London – turned violent yesterday afternoon when a group of players took offence to the high value of property on Oxford Street.

The game began peacefully enough amid a colourful atmosphere at Hyde Park as participants turned up in the costume of their selected metal token and the giant novelty dice was rolled across the grass to signal the start of Britain’s biggest board game.

However, the friendly fun didn’t last long as the group was quickly infiltrated by a band of Monopoly players who seemed intent on causing trouble.  They descended on Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street in numbers, indiscriminately smashing the little plastic blocks representing houses and hotels as well as clashing furiously with police who attempted, without success, to maintain the civil rules of Monopoly.

The rogue players chanted slogans against the “Capitalist greed” of players who demanded £100 rent for landing on their property square.

Police attempted to calm the situation by handing “get out of jail free cards” to those willing to curtail their violent behaviour…[cont. page 14]

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