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Oscars shock as Gaddafi scoops award

Hollywood’s glitziest night of the year produced a twist worthy of the greatest blockbuster screenplay when the 83rd Academy Awards saw 68-year-old Muammar al-Gaddafi awarded the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Armageddon 2:  Libyan Revolution.

The Kodak Theatre was shocked into silence as last years Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock announced that Gaddafi has beaten off competition from stars such as Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges to be named as the Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Gaddafi was seen as an outsider in the category, though was praised for his accurate portrayal of a murderous despot dictator in the film.

“It was almost as though he wasn’t acting at all, so life-like was his performance,” commented one spokesman for the Academy.  “His oppression of the Libyan people in the picture was chilling and the power with which he delivered lines such as the famous ‘I’ll cleanse Libya of the vermin protesters house by house’ was incredibly convincing.”

The actor was unable to accept his award at last nights ceremony due to travel issues.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom claimed the award for Best Supporting Country.


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World news special report

Following the ousting of Egypt’s President Mubarak and Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, unrest has been spreading throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Violent protests against Colonel Gaddafi’s reign in Libya have reportedly left hundreds of people dead, while Shia protesters in Bahrain have occupied the capital’s main square.

As sporadic protests break out in other areas in the region such as Syria, Morocco and Tunisia, we contacted one of the world’s leading experts in international affairs for his considered opinion on what might happen next in the Middle East.

“Who the hell knows?”  was his response.

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Gaddafi announces intention to flee to Scotland

Embattled Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi today defiantly refused to quit despite widespread anti-government protests, and instead insisted that he plans to flee to Scotland until the protests subside.

In his first speech since the beginning of unrest last week, Col Gaddafi boasted that his “friends in the Scottish government” will ensure his safety as the violence which has so far killed as many as 300 people continues.

“I will not stand down to the cowards and the traitors!” Exclaimed an angry Gaddafi.  “And to show the cockroaches how little I think of their embarrassing acts I will fly to Scotland where my friend Kenny and I can fondly reminisce over good times.”

“The Scottish government has been a good friend to Libya during troubling times, and has not hesitated to aid a mass murderer.  I know I can trust my friend Kenny help Libya again.”

First Minister Alex Salmond refused to comment on Col Gaddafi’s statement, though did take the opportunity to press his case for an independent Scotland.

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