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Cat woman is “probably illegal immigrant”

This woman is more dangerous than cancer

Britain’s most hated woman, Mary Bale, is not only a cat abuser but is also probably an illegal immigrant, the Daily Mail can exclusively reveal.  The vowel at the end of Ms Bale’s surname is a tell-tale sign that she is a foreigner and is in Britain under false pretences, taking our jobs and mis-treating innocent British felines.

Today the Daily Mail can also reveal that:

  • Mary Bale’s vile actions will probably cause another crash in the housing market
  • A friend close to Ms Bale believes that she is “more dangerous than cancer”
  • Inept social workers failed to spot her threat to baby kittens

A terrified neighbour told the Daily Mail, “who knows how many cats this woman has killed?”
(continued on page 1945)


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