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WikiLeaks: Government knew of potential snowfall in Spring

Astonishing new cables released by WikiLeaks, seen exclusively today by the Daily Mail, show for the first time that the Labour government knew as far back as February that there was a possibility of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall hitting Britain this winter.

Confidential documents from the Home Office reveal that Gordon Brown was made aware on the 19th of February of research conducted by civil servants which predicted that there would be “a very strong likelihood of cold weather which will perhaps lead to some instances of snowfall in the winter months”.

The failure of the Prime Minister of the time to act on the information that Britain could potentially freeze in the winter is likely to anger the millions of people who have suffered from the country’s coldest winter in over a quarter of a century.

The shock revelation, which you can only read about in today’s Daily Mail, is bound to be a major source of embarrassment for the Labour Party and will likely reaffirm voters’ belief that the party is not fit to govern. [Full story on page 3]


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Outrage grows over international book burning

A chorus of condemnation continued to spread throughout the international community today following a controversial preacher’s insistance that he will go ahead with his plans to burn books on Saturday.

Gordon Brown claims that the ideas contained within Tony Blair’s “A Journey” are dangerous, dis-respectful and ultimately false.

“This book is an affront to decent, intelligent people everywhere, but especially to me! It is morally ambigious and peddles so many mis-truths that the only course of action I can take as a protest is to burn as many copies of the book as I can get away with claiming as a parliamentary expense.”

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