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Ed Miliband has second son out of wedlock


Labour leader Red ‘Ed’ Miliband and his partner yesterday announced the birth of their second child out-of-wedlock.

Mr. Miliband and his partner Justine Thornton already have a 17-month-old son, although it was revealed at the time of his birth that the Labour leader is not legally registered as Daniel’s father.

It is unclear whether Red Ed will be man enough to put his name on the birth certificate of his latest illegitimate child, but the Daily Mail understands that the public opinion of a morally outraged Britain will likely shame Mr. Miliband into registering his name.

Whether Red Ed does or does not register as his new son’s legal father is no longer the issue, though.  We’re talking about the leader of the opposition in a modern Britain fathering two children outside of marriage.

As if pandering to the trade unions and proposing a set of economic policies which would destroy Britain’s fragile economy, this monstrous socialist is living a private life which threatens to ruin the traditional British family by setting a dangerous example to the people Mr. Miliband is supposed to represent.

Having children out of marriage is the sort of thing people living in Afghanistan or Zambia or some other far-flung foreign land do.  But it is not the British way to bring up a family, and Red Ed should remember this.

Of course, we’re not saying that every man who produces a child outside marriage is a vile person, we’ll leave it up to our reader to come to that opinion, but it is our belief that in a fair, modern Britain a child born from a married couple will grow up to become a better rounded person than a child that isn’t.

You will almost certainly see Prime Minister Florence Rose Endellion Cameron before you see a Prime Minister Miliband.


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Red Ed’s policies “will ruin Britain”

Labour leader Ed Miliband

The new leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, will implement a series of policies – should his party win the next general election – which will ruin Britain, so says Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn.

The younger Miliband brother was the victor in the shock outcome of the Labour leadership vote, despite being the second choice candidate amongst party members and MP’s.  Ed’s ascention to power was assured by the support of the vastly influential trade unions, and this spells trouble according to Littlejohn.

In a hard-hitting interview Britain’s top columnist warns that a government led by ‘red’ Ed Miliband will:

  • place the country at the mercy of the unions
  • seek to take from the hard-working wealthy to support the work-shy middle class
  • allow Britain to become over-run with immigrants

According to Littlejohn, Miliband’s Labour are already deeply in the back pockets of the powerful trade unions, an arrangement which will only result in DISASTER should they come to power.  The slightest sense of dis-harmony will allow the unions to grind Britain to a STANDSTILL with industrial action, which will in turn DEVASTATE the already fragile economy.  Those hard-working Britons who earn a good wage will be PUNISHED with stealth taxes in order to help the work-shy middle class keep up, a situation which will lead to ANARCHY on the crumbling streets of England.  That is, if Littlejohn points out, if some Eastern European arrival hasn’t already STOLEN your job.

“You couldn’t make it up,” Littlejohn concluded.

Elsewhere in today’s Daily Mail:

  • David Miliband’s wife suicidal over husband’s defeat
  • How dieting can kill you
  • New strain of bird flu threatens to  wreck Christmas for up to 20 million Brits

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Labour to consider merging Miliband brothers

Are The Miliband Brothers both going to lead Labour?

As voting in the Labour leadership contest comes to a close at 5pm today and with party sources expecting the outcome to be closely fought between David and Ed Miliband, a high-ranking Labour MP is apparently suggesting to party hierarchy that most practical solution may be to merge the Miliband brothers.

Three months of campaigning by the five candidates has led to what is widely predicted to be a face-off between the talented and respected Miliband brothers.  David has long been the favourite for the position, but recent opinion polls have shown that Ed could win the contest on second preference votes.

It is the belief of the anonymous Labour MP that, rather than face a long and protracted fight over the leadership, the better outcome for the party would be to merge the Miliband brothers and have them both leading the opposition, either by joining David and Ed at the shoulders or by using genetic science to take the best qualities of both men and using them to create an entirely new person.

The proposal is apparently being given serious consideration at the highest level of the Labour party, though another suggestion which would adopt the policy used by Mrs Miliband in the boys childhood, where ownership of the family lego collection was shared on a ‘week about’ basis, has been dismissed as being “ridiculous”.

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