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World news special report

Following the ousting of Egypt’s President Mubarak and Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, unrest has been spreading throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Violent protests against Colonel Gaddafi’s reign in Libya have reportedly left hundreds of people dead, while Shia protesters in Bahrain have occupied the capital’s main square.

As sporadic protests break out in other areas in the region such as Syria, Morocco and Tunisia, we contacted one of the world’s leading experts in international affairs for his considered opinion on what might happen next in the Middle East.

“Who the hell knows?”  was his response.

On other pages….

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Woman announces she is pregnant

A woman confirmed to the world’s media yesterday that she is pregnant with her fourth child.  The baby is expected to be born in around nine months time and could potentially be either a boy or a girl.

In other news…

  • Midget snowed in after eight inches fall overnight
  • VAT rise “will not necessarily mean 2.5% increase in quality” says minister
  • Liverpool fans call for Dalglish to be sacked and replaced by Bob Paisley following defeat
  • ITV1’s ‘Daybreak’ exposed as spoof morning show

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