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Lennon is no better than Gaddafi

The Sun says…

The streets of a city are seething with rage because of the horrific actions of one man.  No, not Tripoli. But Glasgow.

Neil Lennon has over-stepped the mark this time, and the consequences could be catastrophic.

The Northern Irishman’s oppression of half of Glasgow’s population is threatening to destroy this once proud city.

His shameful attempts at winning football matches are provoking anger in Glasgow and indeed throughout the rest of Scotland, yet he continues to do so despite being fully aware of the trouble such actions will inevitably cause.

Lennon’s vitriolic rants have been compared to those of Col. Gaddafi, with his sickening abuse of UN peace-keeper El Hadji Diouf very nearly igniting a war.  Only the dignified intervention of Alistair McCoist prevented Lennon from coming to blows with the innocent Diouf.

Lennon’s provocative behaviour, including inflammatory actions such as challenging authority, wearing a tracksuit, abusing innocent footballers, being ginger, being Catholic and beating Rangers in football matches, will cause carnage in Glasgow if it continues.

As with Gaddafi’s paranoid ramblings in Libya, the more Lennon opens his mouth the more trouble he causes in Glasgow.  There is violence in the streets and inside the housing schemes of Glasgow, and it’s always because of something the fiery Lennon has said.

He is no better than Gaddafi in that regard.  And like the Libyan, it is time Lennon is removed from power, before his single-minded desire to win football matches costs lives.


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Scottish sports writer offered role with MI5

A leading Scottish football writer is in line for a lucrative role with the security service MI5, we can exclusively reveal.

Sun journalist Bill Leckie, pictured left, caught the attention of MI5 bosses with an article in yesterday’s newspaper in which Mr. Leckie used his extraordinary hearing to expose Celtic supporters intent on disrupting a minute’s silence in memorial of the victims of the 1971 Ibrox Stadium Disaster with a coordinated outburst of coughing.

Now security chiefs are eager to put Mr. Leckie’s supersonic hearing to better use by replacing out-dated and expensive equipment and instead using the Paisley-born man’s keen listening talent.

A source from within Thames House said:  “It’s true that Bill Leckie is on our radar.  We were particularly impressed that in a stadium holding over 50,000 football fans, Bill was able to pinpoint exactly where the coughing was coming from, know precisely who was perpetrating the coughing and managed to use his skills further to determine that the coughing was a deliberate act.”

“That he was the only person in the entire stadium to have heard the coughing highlights what a special gift he was born with.”

“We already have plans to utilise Mr. Leckie’s incredible sense of hearing to listen in on the activities of suspected terror groups and discover what they are saying.  If he can hear a cough from halfway across a football stadium, just think from what kind of distance he can hear people talking.”

The source refuted claims that Bill Leckie lacks the qualifications required to work in the security services.  “Just because Bill isn’t qualified to work in journalism doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the skills necessary for MI5.  It is his incredible ability to hear whatever he wants that interests us.”

Bill Leckie is 45 and enjoys running in the rain.


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