Notes about Notes About Nothing

Since the day I started this blog – back on the 25th of August 2010 – I have been aiming to put together a little page which would give you, the reader, an idea of what the blog is about, why it is here and what it hopes to achieve.  I’ve been thinking about that in the days and weeks since, and the truth is that I am not sure what the blog is about, why it is here or what I hope to achieve with it.  Notes About Nothing was born out of a kernel of a thought that the name chosen by David and Samantha Cameron for their newly-born daughter sounded a little to me like the name you might find on the label of a bottle of wine.  It’s kinda grown from there.

So here’s a few notes about Notes About Nothing:

  1. This a non-profit blog.  However, if anyone is willing to contribute to the running of the blog – be it through financial payment, provision of alcohol or cigarettes, then obviously being a sane man I would be a gracious receiver.
  2. There is no truth whatsoever to anything published anywhere on this blog.  All names, places, dates, times and stories are completely made-up works of fiction.
  3. The above statement might also be false.
  4. And this one too.
  5. Notes About Nothing is neither satire nor serious.  It is a piece of contemporary art.
  6. Yes, the name was inadvertently borrowed from the ‘notes about nothing’ feature on the Seinfeld DVD releases.

If you are reading this page (and why wouldn’t you?  After all, this page is here entirely for the purpose of reading) then I ask you….no, I plea with you, to spread the word that this blog exists.  Even if you do not know why it exists, and even if I cannot tell you why it exists, spread the word.  Use the little buttons to share the posts you like on your Facebook page, send them to your Twitter feed.  Post the links in emails to friends and work colleagues, share them on internet message boards, bookmark the home page on any available ipad whenever you happen to visit an Apple store.  Comment on posts and pages, ‘press’ them for other WordPress users to find.  Just….interact with the blog and get people involved….and maybe between us we can figure out exactly what it is about.


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