Ken Clarke admits: I was wrong

Embattled Justice Secretary Ken Clarke today admitted that he made “a very serious error in judgement” at the House of Commons yesterday when he decided to take mushy peas with his pie and chips.

Mr Clarke confessed to reporters outside Parliament that he has been regretting the decision – which he claims was made in haste – ever since he sat down to eat his lunch yesterday.

“It has been weighing heavily on my mind for the past twenty-four hours,” said Mr. Clarke, who has been facing questions over his suitability for the Cabinet position since news of his indiscretion broke.  “All I can honestly and humbly say is that I made a mistake.”

“I knew right away that I should have taken baked beans with my pie and chips.  I don’t know what made me ask for mushy peas, but I did and I can’t go back now.”

Mr. Clarke refused to accept that he should offer his resignation to the Prime Minister, and Downing Street sources this evening said that they don’t believe that David Cameron will consider removing the Justice Secretary from his post over the matter.


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