Donald Trump unable to produce birth certificate for hair

Donald Trump was today at the centre of another ‘birther’ controversy when he failed to produce a birth certificate to prove the authenticity of his hair when challenged.

Mr. Trump, a famous property developer and television personality, was part of a campaign which demanded that President Barack Obama released his birth certificate to prove that he is an American born citizen.

However, the tables were today turned on the tycoon when a group of influential hair weavers demanded that he produce evidence which proves that his famous hair is natural and not a weave as many have speculated for years.

A spokesman for the group said:  “The subject of Donald Trump’s hair has been discussed in America for several years, and the common belief seems to be his hair is weaved in some way.  But Donald has always denied this.  We believe that it’s time for Donald to prove that his hair is in fact 100% natural – if only because the weave is so bad that it is giving people like me and my fellow hair weavers a bad name.”

Trump, however, was unable to produce a birth certificate for his hair and called for the “ridiculous charade” to end.


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