Attack on Royals would never have happened if Diana was still alive

Last night’s terrifying attack on the car which was escorting Prince Charles and Camilla through London’s Regent Street would almost certainly never have happened if Princess Diana was still alive.

Britain’s future King and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall suffered the ordeal as angry students protested the increase in tuition fees in the nation’s capital.  However, it is impossible to imagine such an incident taking place had the People’s Princess Diana not been murdered in 1997.

Diana had been taken to the bosom and into the heart of the British people.  She embodied the spirit of a nation and brought the Royal Family closer to their subjects.

As the Princess is no longer with us, neither is that connection to our Head of State.  Anger and sorrow of her death still remains in the pages of the Daily Express and in parts of the country.  This was evident in the actions of protesting students yesterday, as they showed no hesitation in attacking Charles and Camilla.

One Royal observer noted that it was only a matter of time before the grief suffered through the loss of such a cherished figure manifested itself in violence towards those responsible… [continued on page 5]

Also inside today’s Daily Express – FREE 16-page Princess Diana pullout!


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